Fatboy Trail

May 21, 2017 @ 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Red Emma's
30 W North Ave
Baltimore, MD 21201

When: 10:00 am (pre-eat)  10:30 (pack slowly away), Sunday May 21st.

Who: All fatboys this side of the iron curtain.

Why: Because after a night like that, we’re going to leave the running to the horses.  And maybe eat some horsemeat.

Cost: $5 Plus whatever you decide to spend on a greasy breakfast that’s going straight to your thighs. (not included in rego)

Hares: Seriously?! 5-10?, Penis Pump Partnership Limited Liability Copulation (A.K.A. PPP LLC), and Just Justin  (Yes, it takes 3 hares to do this trail.  We’re lazy fatboys.)

What: It’s the end of preakness weekend!  We don’t care how hungover you are, we’re gonna stuff you full of beer and calories like the capitalist pigs you are!!