CCH3 Trail #146.5 Get to the D, Part Deux

March 30, 2018 @ 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Butcher’s Hill Society
32 N Chester St
Baltimore, MD 21231

So the trail was so amazing, let’s do another one this cumming friday! It’s a Good Friday( I did in no way copy that from a very prominent religion)!

Hare: Regurgasex( who is moving to the D)

Trail: D to D prime, no shiggy, no walkers trail just shortcuts,

Start Location: Butchers Hill Society 32 N Chester St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Trail Notes: THERE WILL BE FIVE SHOT CHECKS and a beer check.

When: Friday 1900 hours ( 700 Peeem) HST March 30th

On-After: Casa de Regurgasex

Hash Cash :$6 cash, $6.50 card

It was last call at my local
And it got me all fired up
To go far away,
-your hare for the last time, and this time, I mean it 😉