Trail #136: Friday the 13th! What could possibly go wrong?

October 13, 2017 @ 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Mt Vernon Stable and Saloon (downstairs)
909 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21201
$6.50 card | $6 cash

Meet at Mt. Vernon Stable and Saloon (the Saloon is downstairs – go there)

Happy Hour 4-7PM
Specials: $2 Domestic bottles & draught, $3 Imported/Cider, $4 rail drinks. $5 wines
Variety of snacks for $5, $6, or $7

Parking: Kinda sucks. There is some street parking on Charles and the cross-streets. There are also multiple paid-parking lots nearby.

What: You’re luck is gonna change, this Friday the 13th, because ’til now, you’ve never experienced a Cleavage to Beaver trail. There will be beer! there will be shots! there will be orange food! there will be urban shiggy! Bring your lucky cranium lamp to ward off evil spirits! Wear your lucky underpants to attract sexy spirits! Bring some virgins to sacrifice to the wine-and-spirits! Trail will be dog-friendly (leashed, of course) and black-cat friendly, but on-after will not. Also, did I mention? BRING A CRANIUM LAMP

Trail Notes: A to A’ (we’ll circle up nearby). Bring a cranium lamp for runners’ trail (4-6 miles). There will also be a well-marked walkers’ trail.

On-after: back to the Saloon for pinball, jukebox tunes, and more drinkin’ (also, they serve food ’til midnight)

Hares: Cleavage to Beaver, and ICUP
Lost? Late? Confused? call C2B: 770.633.9907