GM: Fuck A Duck, Unleash the Furrry
RA’s: MoreMen Pukes Tonight, Dump N Scrunch, A Phone Named Gerbil, Regurgasex, Choosy Moms Choose Dick – the list goes on!
Hare Razors: Whiny Little Bitch, Great Sexpectations,
Web Mucker: Transplant It In Me
Haberdashers: Daddy’s Little Screamer, Cleavage to Beaver
Hash Cash: ICUP
Treasurer: Cockical Illusion 
Media: Great Sexpectations, Whiny Little Bitch,
Inter-Kennel Sex Symbol (FM Ambassador): The Hair Up There
Flabongo Meister: Seriously 5-10?!
MisManagement Emeritus: She Has Small Hands