Trail #213: A Trail for All the Things

June 18, 2021 @ 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
1399 S Sharp St
MD 21230

Are you a dad?

Do you have a dad?

Are you celebrating Pride month?

Do you love flip flops? (6/18/21 is Flip-Flop Day)

Do you just want a little Jug Bay foreplay? (Fine print: This trail is in no way affiliated with the Swill Team 6 event at Jug Bay. CCH3 may not be held liable for injuries due to excessive alcohol consumption and/or exhaustion. Hash at your own risk.)

If you answered “yes” to any of the above or any other questions, then do we have the trail for YOU?!!

Where: Checkerspot Brewing, 1399 S Sharp St, Baltimore, MD 21230

When: 6:30 pm this Friday, June 18
Show up early for some pre-lubin’!

Hares: Jr. Bacon Heave Burger and Brown Sugga

Other things:
Runners— ~5-6ish miles
Walkers— less
There will be a beer check for both, plus probably a shot check. We’ll see.
Don your gayest apparel, for it is Baltimore Pride Week! 🌈
Special prizes for anyone who completes trail in flip-flops! No promises about the quality of said prizes.

Convocation for all wankers:

Come one, come all, for we are our pride
Come run walk and skip, mingle, imbibe
Don’t sit on the fence, hem haw, just decide,
To come to Charm City, this Friday night.
For near is the flour, the chalk, and prior rhyme
Come show us your face, let us squeeze tight your lime
Til’ the juice floweth over, so sticky and sweet
And trickle on down to our entangled feet
What I’m trying to say is that we’d like you to score,
And we’ll try hard to help you, if you come to Baltimore!