Trail #216 B*tch Pleaser’s Birthday Teaser

August 6, 2021 @ 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Banner Field @ Latrobe Park
1627 E Fort Ave

Charm City H3 Trail #216: Bitch Pleaser’s Birthday Teaser

When: Friday August 6 at 7ish pm
Who: You! Humans, runners, walkers, dogs that can handle a little mileage. Bring your moms, bring your friends, bring your friends moms.
Where: Prelube at City Limits (1700 East Fort Ave, Baltimore, Hon),
              Start: Banner field (1627 E Fort Ave — across from City Limits, at Latrobe Park
              google code 7C84+QM Baltimore, Maryland)
What: Trail! Come enjoy some miles, shenanigan’s, maybe a hijynx or act of debauchery as well. Bring hash cash. $6.00
Hares: Bitch Pleaser and Friends
NOTE: This is a live lay trail! Come snare a hare!
On After: Highly likely
Lost? Scared?
Not sure if you are going to make it? Jealous that Bitch Pleaser is insanely fast and you are…less so?
You can contact your favourite razors at 202-568-1608 (Facial Profiling — honestly though, pretty bad at messaging back) or 410-707-4456 (Judge Prudy — much more likely to respond / be able to help you).