CCH3 Trail #210: A Moist Trail

May 8, 2021 @ 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
The Greenmount School
501 W 30th Street
What: CCH3 Trail #210: A Moist Trail
When: Saturday May 8 at 7 peem / 1900 hrs
Where: The Greenmount School at 501 W. 30th Street, Embalmer Hon, 21211.
(39.32201537631967, -76.62524608156279)
Who: Anybody who likes, dislikes, or is neutral / indifferent to the word, feeling, concept, or suggestion of themselves or something or someone being moist
Hares: Judge Prudy, Oedipussy, Floppy Attachment + Sloppy Seconds, Facial Profiling and Just Luca
Bring: Dry shoes / dry bag. Headlamp / cranium gear.
On after: Go find a bar! Possibilities include 29th Street Tavern or R.House / R.Bar.
Trail is A-A, kid and tough dog friendly.
Runner’s is 4-5 ish miles.
Walker’s is 3 ish miles
Theme: MOIST! Bring your favorite moist person, place, or thing!
Convocation from the hares!
MOIST! Say it! Feel how your mouth moves as the word is formed in your brain, traveling from Broca’s area in your frontal left hemisphere, gestating to Wernicke’s area via the arcuate fasciculus, after which it is whisked to the cerebellum for final edits before being snatched away by your ventral motor cortex which turns my request into that divine and utterly dripping articulation of….MOIST! Whisper it to yourself and enjoy the fog of your own breath. Sigh it just under your breath and tell me you are not a little turned on, not breathing a little heavier than when this entire exercise first started. Tell me your head is not lighter, your breathing not shallow. Tell me your need to swallow is not palpable. Tell me you are not just a little, teeny tiny bit….moist.

***Please remember we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Please social distance, wear a mask and stay the f*&k home if you are sick***

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