CCH3 trail #232: Hashers not Trashers

April 30, 2022 @ 2:00 PM – 4:15 PM
Charm City Meadworks
400 Biddle st

CCH3 trail #232: Hashers not Trashers


Date: 4/30/22

Time: 1pm

Where: charm city meadworks, 400 Biddle st, bmore

Details: 1 trail, 2-3 miles, Hashers Not trasher trail, pickup shit along the way, gloves, bags, beers and shots provided.

Wankers wankers, As a belated celebration of earth day this weeks trail will be all about not only getting trashed but picking it up as we do so! Yes it is time for a Hashers Not Trashers trail, and what better place to clean up than an area than have to deal with is weirdos on a regular basis. 

For those who don’t know, HNT trails are ones where instead of just running around like a bunch of idiots we grab bags and pick up trash along our route. There will be one trail to rule them all and the pack tends to stay together since the goal is cleaning up the city and not seeing who can be frb. 

The lovely establishment of Charm City Meadworks has volunteered their dumpsters as a place to dispose of all our hard work. We will be starting at 1 to accommodate a private even the meadery has at 4. Garbage bags, recycling bags, and latex gloves will be provided but if you like to bring your own trash gravers or heavier duty gloves you are welcome to. 

Since we have a time limit trail distance is tbd based on how trash riddled the area is but I anticipate a shorter trail of 2-3 miles. 

So come out and door some good for the neighborhood that has supported our shananigans and for the environment. Looks like Mother Nature may bless our endeavors with some pretty Schweeeet weather this Saturday as well.