CCH3 Trail #247 – Bambi’s Bonfire & BBQ

February 10, 2023 @ 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Whitehall Market, 3300 Clipper Mill Road, Baltimore 2122
wot: Charm City H3 Trail #247 – Bambi’s Bonfire & BBQ
who: Bambi’s Bitch, Virgin Andrej
when? Friday, February 10, 2023 @ 19:00, 7pm hash standard time
where? Whitehall Market, 3300 Clipper Mill Road, Baltimore 2122
$10 hashcash
A-B (separated by around 1km, all paved; bag-wagon available)
2 BN, 1 SN
5.69-ish miles Runners
2.69-ish miles Walkers
Bring a LIGHT SOURCE, for the night is dark and full of roots!
Dogs should be fine on walkers
Whether Troll or Einherjar, come drink and feast! Bring your torch and drinking horn, and search for glory!–err I mean, flour and chalk!
The firepit now even boasts some hand-made wooden seating (but you might still want to bring a pelt to put under your tush).
This trail will have some of Bambi’s favorite things: shiggy, a BONFIRE!, rocks, sketchy buildings, more FIRE!, rusted decaying hazardous waste drums … even kielbasa!
Runners will get more of that sweet sweet hillside deer-trail shiggy, but both trails will definitely need cranium lamps!
On-After: firepit off Falls Road by the Jones Falls, under West 29th Street. There’ll be orange food, s’mores, and kielbasa … bring anything else you’d like to skewer and roast!
You can [probably] park by the contractor yard at 2700 Falls Road, Baltimore under West 28th Street if autohashing to the end of trail.