CCH3 Trail #248-A Kinder Gentler Trail

February 17, 2023 @ 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM
Pickles Pub

A kinder gentler trail #248

You’re invited: Cocko Bell Grande and DHO bring you all the Charm of Charm city.

Plan to attend on Friday Feb 17@7pm, pack away 7:30 sharp.

We shall congregate at Pickles Pub in Ridgely’s Delight under the shadow of Camden Yards.


Hash cash $10

In addition to national “cabbage day,” it’s also national “Random Acts of Kindness Day.” And, in that spirit, your gentlehares give you a trail: A Pleasant stroll through the back alleys and local haunts of our fair city. Our kindness will continue as you sip a sampling of our finest local swill whilst enjoying spectacular views of our charming city.

Please join us at pickles pub at 7pee m.
If you would like to enjoy some of our local delicacies get there early! The pack will be out at 7:30 sharp; show up late and hash alone…
Only the pleasant shiggy type, a dry bag only if it’s raining, dogs and strollers welcome. Our kindness has no boundaries…