Trail #202: CCH3 goes to the North Pole featuring Facial Profiling and Chia Head!

December 19, 2020 @ 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Merritt Point Park, Dundalk.
7800 Dunmanway
Charm City Hash House Harriers Trail Pronouncement!
What: Charm City H3 Trail #202: CCH3 goes to the North Pole!
Who: You all, ya’ll, wankers, halfminds, yinz, doggos, progeny…but we recommend you keep doggos (and, if necessary progeny) on a leash at all (well almost all) times please. Because roads.
Theme: The North Pole! You know, where Santa makes stuff and supports the global economy via consumption and employing lots and lots of elves. Come dressed as any North Pole denizen: Claus family member, reindeer, elf, cookie, toy, you get the idea.
When: Saturday December 19, 2020, the year that doth taketh our joy, 2 peem / 1400 hours.
Where: Merritt Point Park, Dundalk.
7800 Dunmanway, 21222.
Go to the parking lot aaaaaall the way at the tip of the park / peninsula.
Google link.
Google plus code: 7F2W+6H Dundalk, Maryland.
39.250611, -76.503556.
Hares sans hairs: Chia Head (760-529-1810) and Facial Profiling (202-568-1608)
Walkers: 3-ish miles.
Turkeys: 4-ish miles.
Eagles: 5.5-ish miles.
Bring a mask and a vessel! Socially distanced beer stops for anyone interested.
Convocation from the hares:

Listen, I get it, it’s been a shit year

Full of disease, riddled with fear
We’re all a bit sad, uneven, and numb
The months idle on, has anyone come?
But alas I beseech thee, lift up thine eyes
For a trail we have lain, chock-full of surprise
And intrigue and beer, come frolic and play
And give 2020 full frontal display
And show it while taketh your fucks sure it did
It can’t take your ego, and neither your id
For out of the tree of life we have plucked
The year’s final trail, you’re bound to get fucked
In all the best ways, of course, for we love
To give it to wankers, beyond and above
All other affections, displays, and employs
We humbly ask you, partake in our joys
Come run walk or dawdle, skip, even trot
And remember, this year, love you it doth not
But we surely do, find you charming and dear
So come to our trail, shout ON-ON and BEER NEAR!
Or want to help hare, or want to learn how to hare, or want to make a tasty shot for the masses, or want to unload that extra beer sitting behind your couch? Maybe you want to learn what baggo involves?  Email the hare razors
Charm City runs trails twice a month, usually on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons. The hare-razors are happy to accommodate atypical trails on other weekday nights.