CCH3 Trail #208: Anal Green Dress Run Pre-Lube Trail

March 13, 2021 @ 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Canton Waterfront Park
3001 Boston Street Baltimore
Md 21224

Charm City Hash House Harriers Trail Pronouncement!

What: CCH3 Trail #208: Green Dress Run Pre-Lube Trail!

When: Saturday March 13, 2021 1:00 PM / 1300 hrs
Who: Humans and canines wearing green
Where: Canton Waterfront Park, 3001 Boston Street, Baltimore, Md 21224
Park at the park or on the road, scooters and ubers are nearby or paddle via kayak
More time to drink
Hares: Lickity Splitz and Fish Eyes Between Her Eyes
Theme: WEAR GREEN. Wear a dress, a onesie, a bathing suit, or athletic attire
This is our anal GDR Pre-lube trail. The green dress run is very subdued this year so we are going wacky dacky with this trail. Are we passing by Irish bars? Yes! Are they open? I DUNNO. We aren’t going inside them. You can go inside other things on your own time (or after trail hehehehe).
Questions you may have:
Will there be gold? You might find some pennies on the street
Will there be leprechauns? PROBABLY NOT
Are you scouting this trail? Lickity probably should
Is Baltimore dangerous? If you dont start no sh*t there wont be no sh*t
Are there bathrooms? Sometimes theres a porta potty, or an alley way
Will there be sexy people on trail? YES
Will there be sexy time on trail? If you offer a beer stop then maybe!
Can you find your next hangover here? Yes then you can work off your hangover the next day with BAH3
Important questions:
What beverages are available for consumption?:
– Pudding shots
– Jello shots
– Car bombs
– Whiskey shots
– Natty boh
Will there be food?
Maybe. Depends on how adventurous lickity feels to cook. There will be green food like green chips. Maybe some green moldy bread
What should I bring: Bring your vessel and fun attitude
Will I get lost: Lickity only lost 2 out of 25 hashers last year, she will aim to lose 0!
Will I get injured like GPS did last year?
This is a daytime trail but if you run while drinking that is on you, the city has potholes and rats I advise to not step on either, theres also cars, dont get hit
Why are you such a weenie? IDK
Can I bring a friend? Yes please do
Hares: Lickity Splitz and Fish Eyes Between Her Eyes, and I think Facial Profiling
Clothing: WEAR GREEN
Wear a dress, a onesie, a bathing suit, or athletic attire
Hash Cash: $6
Cash for parking: $3 or pay to park on the street
Walkers trail: 2-4 miles, maybe idk who knows
Runners: 4-12 miles. Lickity tends to make some crazy trails, sometimes people do no-no trail and really get some miles in
Pandemic info:
Bring a mask, stand 6 feet away, dont spray on me
Shiggy level – 2/10 at best
Doggies okay, doggies not allowed inside dwellings, trail is probably too long to bring your pet ferret