Trail #223: Anal Miracle on 36th Street Lights Trail

December 17, 2021 @ 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
39.33646° N, 76.62407° W
39.33646° N
76.62407° W

Lickity’s Anal Miracle on 34th Street Trail

December 17th 7peeemmmm

Start: A-A

39.33646° N, 76.62407° W

Under the bridge at W University Blvd 

Baltimore 21211

Parking – 108 W 39th St

Baltimore, MD  21210

Runners – 4ish miles

Walkers – 2-3 ish miles

Here comes our hashers, here comes our hashers

Right down 34th Streeeet

Lickity and Prudy and all their wankers

Runnin on all their feeeeet

Beers are jingling, hashers are singin

We’re all drunk and bright

Hang your dry socks and say your hymns

‘Cause here we cum Friday night!

Bring your cranium lamp!

Bring a picture gathering device and vessel to drink WATER on 34th street

Hare info – Lickity Splitz