Trail #224- Unleash the Furry, Choosy Moms Choose D**k

January 7, 2022 @ 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Guilford Hall Brewery and Biergarten
1611 Guilford Ave
MD 21202 
Charm City Hash House Harriers Trail # 224: Big Birthday Beer
What: Celebrate Furrry & Choosy’s Birthday running/walking/strolling through classy sections of the city.
Where:  Guilford Hall Brewery and Biergarten ( 1611 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202   The trail will be A to A. The facebook says “Biergarden with outdoor bar opens at 4PM for your outdoor dining + drinking pleasure (and a tent, just in case of rain).” Happy Hour ($2 off beer) ends at 6pm.
When: Friday, January 7th
Prelube 6:00pm. Pack away at 7:00 pm.
Cost: $6 cash
Hares: Unleash the Furrry & Choosy Moms Choose Dick. 703-957-9460
Haresnotes: Runners/walkers, cranium lamp, a drinking vessel, dogs can do trail but probably not inside prelube or on-after.
OnAfter –   Guilford Hall Brewery – 1611 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202
Last time on the Choosy Furries Choose Fast Trails Birthday Extravaganza: 
It rained hard on the birthday parade, so Choosy Moms and Unleash the furry got the whole pack extra wet like it was our full-time job.  Bambi accidentally somehow got drunk… while glutarted… on a trail where the hares only had alcoholic gluten… Cheah Head proposed to his fiance (just Rebecca) who was also in attendance at On-After. This is breaking news, he also was the first to declare his unending love in the relationship. We decided she might be the most interesting person around. She also let us in on the dirty little secret that Cheah was the first person to fart in their relationship. Also, she sang us a song about a bdsm party where she wasn’t turned on by the exhibitionism or intrusion on her free expression. Yes, that’s what my notes say, and yes I was drunk, and yes the notes also say that just MaryEllen, the waitress, is the karate queen.
BJ BJ BJ isn’t in my notes anywhere, so make up an interesting story in your head about strippers and dancing in the rain. Paint the Goat – Finally Tb-free, and therefore he enjoyed with so much natty boh that he had to relieve himself on I-83 during end circle.  And along the trail, he and Facial met honest to goodness real-life Pioneers. Bitch Pleaser is exploring his sexuality and free-balled for the very first time this week. Down Under didn’t understand how Pleaser had made it so long so contained and restricted, and the pack congratulated him on discovering actual freedom.
Pony Boy has clearly inspired Bitchpleaser, who ran 34 miles the morning after this trail. Ugh Ugh Ugh. Front Load her – Needs to stop going to Fells Point with Facial Profiling because he got her banned from some bars when they went there after trail 184. Also, she found two pussy cats on the trail and thought that it was, therefore, the best trail of the year. Facial Profiling is a high roller and donated to the general hash fund. The general fund now has a balance of $3. Squeals like a pig came to on after, where we ate tots on both ends, double thick. Paint the goat declared that the whole situation was not creamy enough.